Some fairy dust

When traveling in China in 2019 I had the opportunity to get a very short introduction into Chinese calligraphy and traditionell Chinese painting at the Tang Bo Art Museum Xian. It was a rainy afternoon and the hotel receptionist recommended this museum as a must see to better understand Chinese art. We were the only visitors and the museum guide was happy to welcome two interested visitors. Our very detailed private tour ended in something like a classroom where we learned about ancient, traditionell and modern Chinese writing.


Last weeks I worked with very raw materials: petrified earth, field stones, stones that have crumbled into earth, gravel and lots of beton. We built a floor in a part of an old cave, about 28 square meters. We chopped out a lot of earth and stones (because over the years, some of what was stored on the ground dissolved into some kind of soil), transported most of it into our garden as a foundation for a new vegetable bed, levelled the ground with gravel and concreted the ground.

China ist anders

So langsam fangen wir ja an mit Reisen, diesmal nun also China. Auslöser für die Reise war die Cloud Conference von Alibaba, hinzu kamen ein paar andere geschäftliche Treffen und so haben wir eine Reise drumherum gestrickt. Je mehr ich nachgelesen habe, desto mehr Ziele kamen auf unsere Reiseliste und am Ende haben wir uns dann entschieden für vier Wochen durch einen kleinen Teil dieses Landes zu reisen. Als Kostprobe, sozusagen.

Frames of reference

Summertime in Fitou is always exiting, not only because of the fantastic weather and the Mediterranean but also of all the people and friends coming over. It’s an international bunch of people, very diverse and interesting. 
So many backgrounds and experiences resulting quite often in inspiring discussions about life, politics, economics, art, sports, eating, etc.

The Nucleus

The command center, where everything else is getting energy and power from.

The kernel of a cell which contains most of the cell’s genetic material.

The central and brightest part of a comet.

The pieces that formed the center of a collection.

The important buildings which are the center of a city.

The center of all: the Nucleus.

Wie das Leben so spielt

Irgendwie haben wir alle einen Lebensplan, bewußt oder auch unbewußt. Also so was in der Richtung wie: wenn ich mal groß bin, dann will ich auf gar keinen Fall Dinge tun, die ich nicht mag, dann werde ich reich und berühmt… etc.

Auf dem Weg dahin unterwerfen wir uns oft mehr oder weniger freiwillig sogenannten Sachzwängen, denen wir, so glauben wir, kaum mehr entrinnen können: ich muß erst den Abschluss machen, Geld verdienen, das Haus bezahlen, die Kinder großziehen, … – aber dann! Dann gehts los mit dem schönen Leben, dann mache ich das, was ich schon immer machen wollte.

A Roof, Russian Language and Christmas

Last week we finally started rebuilding the roof at our current house restoration project. It was a lot heavy work, with unbelievable amounts of dirt and dust, many old tiles, running up and down to carry materials. But at then end of the week, we built a new structure for the roof and covered the half of it.
The best thing: its sunny and warm and I really enjoy being on the roof and having that stunning view over Fitou.