Some fairy dust


When traveling in China in 2019 I had the opportunity to get a very short introduction into Chinese calligraphy and traditionell Chinese painting at the Tang Bo Art Museum Xian. It was a rainy afternoon and the hotel receptionist recommended this museum as a must see to better understand Chinese art. We were the only visitors and the museum guide was happy to welcome two interested visitors. Our very detailed private tour ended in something like a classroom where we learned about ancient, traditionell and modern Chinese writing. I was so fascinated that I bought some ink, paper, brushes and an inkstone afterwards.

Back home, I tried a little with the materials but was quite frustrated with my inability to do so. I started to read about Chinese art and artists, have watched countless online tutorials and taken two workshops from Chinese artists only to get the feeling that I will never ever use my prezzies. I learned that Chinese Painting is a very complex art which includes poetry, science, spirituality and the whole life itself.
Fascinating but a too big mountain for me, I thought.

One year later, in December 2020, I tried again, started with basic exercises like how to hold the brush correctly, make the perfect ink, search for the right paper. I used up a whole drawing block for just a few strokes until I felt I got a sense of understanding for the materials. It was hard work, mentally.

Finally, I created a series of ink paintings, combined with some mono-prints on paper.

These drawings and mono-prints are light, playful and delicate. Imaginative and creative structures that have grown out of chance and never appear weighty, despite the predominant use of black Chinese ink. Someone called them fairy dust ;-)

All got framed and can be seen at my exhibition from July 14 until August 09 in Fitou.

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