Espace Christine Graf

Last weeks I worked with very raw materials: petrified earth, field stones, stones that have crumbled into earth, gravel and lots of beton. We built a floor in a part of an old cave, about 28 square meters. We chopped out a lot of earth and stones (because over the years, some of what was stored on the ground dissolved into some kind of soil), transported most of it into our garden as a foundation for a new vegetable bed, levelled the ground with gravel and concreted the ground.
I have to submit I like working with concrete, as I do with sand and lime and since a few weeks, bitumen.
Although these are very sturdy and rough materials, they can be a very smooth when perfectly mixed and manipulated.
After the hard floor building work I still wanted to continue experimenting how I can use them on canvas. This time I played around with bitumen again. It resulted in something I have no title for. No planning, no thinking, I just forgot myself but giving something of myself into this painting: my memories, feelings, my sense of things, life and dreams. Something stirred within me which needed to come out.
Find yourself a title, a meaning, like it or not ;-)

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