Painting with cement

When creating the sunny house I became curious about using cement in my paintings. I quite liked the combination of glossy oil paint and raw cement and got in my mind to create a little series using such materials. Yellow will be followed by blue and red, always adding cement to it.
So, that’s the second painting: Rough.
The challenge lies in the application of such a rough material to canvas and thus I needed to explore how to mix different sorts of cement so it does not crack when dry.


Siberian Iris, more precisely Iris sanguinea are one of the first flowers coming up in springtime in our garden. Actually, they are growing wild everywhere in the Garrigue and when we started re-building our garden, we found lots of them around.
That elegant, fine flower inspired me to my new painting "Lillies".

Learning Russian – Учить по-русский

A year ago, I attended a three days Russian language course at a school in Perpignan and since then, I did not really had time to continue. As luck would have it, we have got Russian neighbours and I asked if we could meet once week for a short Russian conversation session. And so it happens that Julia, my neighbour, comes over every Sunday to help me learning that language. Besides listening to podcasts, reading children books I also write down every week a little text, trying to avoid any dictionary.