abstract painting

New ink drawings

I continued my exploration of inks and made some new drawings. This time I experimented with inks based on alcohol, oil and water, partly using raw pigments, but also spices and various powders.
It is very fascinating to see how the actually incompatible inks react with each other and how completely unforeseen shapes emerge.
When I painted, I didn't have any special motifs in mind, the pictures just "happened".
Everyone can see in them what they like.

There are four nicely painted Christmas presents left

At this time of year, Fitou is a little sleepy. On the one hand, that's nice, but on the other hand, a little action couldn't hurt.
And so we decided to organise a Christmas market in our art gallery. 
I asked some artist friends if they would be interested in taking part. They were :-)
We had beautiful ceramics, jewellery creations, Isabell painted beautiful Christmas cards and I tried out some new painting techniques for this occasion.

Some fairy dust

When traveling in China in 2019 I had the opportunity to get a very short introduction into Chinese calligraphy and traditionell Chinese painting at the Tang Bo Art Museum Xian. It was a rainy afternoon and the hotel receptionist recommended this museum as a must see to better understand Chinese art. We were the only visitors and the museum guide was happy to welcome two interested visitors. Our very detailed private tour ended in something like a classroom where we learned about ancient, traditionell and modern Chinese writing.

Black and White

After a long break, filled with plastering lots of walls with stucco and lime, I found some time painting again.
Deeply inspired by Chinese art, I started exploring ink drawing and calligraphy, watched many tutorials about it, went to the amazing exhibition of Fabienne Verdiers’ paintings in Aix en Provence and finally tried it myself.
I skipped my taloche and used new tools, techniques and materials.

Frames of reference

Summertime in Fitou is always exiting, not only because of the fantastic weather and the Mediterranean but also of all the people and friends coming over. It’s an international bunch of people, very diverse and interesting. 
So many backgrounds and experiences resulting quite often in inspiring discussions about life, politics, economics, art, sports, eating, etc.

The Nucleus

The command center, where everything else is getting energy and power from.

The kernel of a cell which contains most of the cell’s genetic material.

The central and brightest part of a comet.

The pieces that formed the center of a collection.

The important buildings which are the center of a city.

The center of all: the Nucleus.

Painting with cement

When creating the sunny house I became curious about using cement in my paintings. I quite liked the combination of glossy oil paint and raw cement and got in my mind to create a little series using such materials. Yellow will be followed by blue and red, always adding cement to it.
So, that’s the second painting: Rough.
The challenge lies in the application of such a rough material to canvas and thus I needed to explore how to mix different sorts of cement so it does not crack when dry.