Between all the house restoration work, I had time to do another painting. When doing a full house restoration we really start from the bottom, removing everything what was added to the original structure of house, leaving us with bare walls, without floors and ceilings, left with the rough, basic foundation.

When we are done with our restoration work, a shiny and beautiful surface is visible and make people feel welcomed.

This is what I had in my mind when creating that new painting.
The bottom is made with concrete and the finish on top is created by several coats of lacquered oil paint in a bright, warm and sunny yellow.

Even though I need to apply some last layers, I want to give you a first impression.

Yellow Pigments


In the middle of the winter, when it became really cold, grey and windy, when the sun did not shine for a few days, I was longing for the blue sky and bright light. I thought of using yellow, the colour of the sun, to create a painting which could brighten up this time of the year.
For this painting, I used five shades of yellow pigments, mixed with titan white to apply it in layers for creating a warm, sunny tableau. Lime and marble powder were used for some surface structure and to let the pigments react with it.
There are many different shades of yellow, all produced by mixing yellow with greater or lesser amounts of other colors. Searching for the perfect warm and sunny yellow let me apply about 18 layers of yellow ochre pigments, such as ochre de citron, ochre havane, ochre jaune clair, ochre jaune de Vaucluse, ochre oxygen apt jaune et terre jaune italienne.
On top, I added a dash winter grey.