31 people, 7 countries, 4 projects in Fitou

The last weeks were very busy with project meetings.

doing2learn Fitou

All together, we hosted four meetings here in Fitou:

In particular I would like to mention the places2b project meeting as this was the start of a two years project with the aim to write a regional tourist guide and initializing discussion round tables about the development of tourism in our region. We had the opportunity to introduce our aims to local stakeholders from the Fitou administration board. All were very interested in participating and supporting the project idea and I really hope that we will be able to involve many Fitounais in this project to make it to an exceptional experience for everybody.

It was the first time that we hosted meetings here in Fitou and we have been very exited to welcome all together 31 people from seven European countries.

It was also the first time, that the Fitou Office du Tourisme, in person, Carine, made short guided tours through Fitou in English language. She did it with bravour and a lot of charme!

By the way, we did a lot to support the local business. The people stayed at l’Abri du vent and at GÎTES DE FRANCE, Fitou, we had delicious lunch and dinner at the Chateau de Fitou, Le toit vert and at the Moulin de Fitou. And Josy from Fitou taxi brought some people to the airport.

Unforgettable remainthe introduction in the art of wine making at Domaine Garrigo and Domain Revelh.

Special thanks to Susan from La Chapelle and to Joanna from Le toit vert. They offered us their exceptional meeting places!


Talking about wine in Cassagnes


Most of the time, I really like what I do but sometimes, I feel a bit privileged, when I go to  work, such as today. I started early in the morning to meet Cecile from Domaine Revelh. The  one hour drive from Fitou to Cassagnes, where she lives, really impressed me. It’s just a gorgeous landscape, with thousands fragrances and fantastic views.

Few weeks ago, Cecile made a very special degustation of her wines and immediately I tried to convince her to prepare a how-to course for doing2learn. And today was the day, where we discussed a possible structure of a course about wine.

The most complicated thing is to cut the huge specific knowledge into eatable slices and still explain in detail every bit.

When we started the doing2learn project nearly two years ago, I prepared a pattern of a structure for such courses and I realized, how difficult it is for most of the people to describe complex issues understandably in 200 words or in a 90 second video to meet the average attention span.

Currently, we have got more than 23 courses for different topics, made by ordinary people, proud to share their knowledge.

Even though the project funding period will end in October this year, we want to keep this platform alive, modify it for easier access and include all the current web “baubles”.