Last weeks I worked with very raw materials: petrified earth, field stones, stones that have crumbled into earth, gravel and lots of beton. We built a floor in a part of an old cave, about 28 square meters. We chopped out a lot of earth and stones (because over the years, some of what was stored on the ground dissolved into some kind of soil), transported most of it into our garden as a foundation for a new vegetable bed, levelled the ground with gravel and concreted the ground.
I have to submit I like working with concrete, as I do with sand and lime and since a few weeks, bitumen.
Although these are very sturdy and rough materials, they can be a very smooth when perfectly mixed and manipulated.
After the hard floor building work I still wanted to continue experimenting how I can use them on canvas. This time I played around with bitumen again. It resulted in something I have no title for. No planning, no thinking, I just forgot myself but giving something of myself into this painting: my memories, feelings, my sense of things, life and dreams. Something stirred within me which needed to come out.
Find yourself a title, a meaning, like it or not 😉

Unanticipated Situation

A beginning cold on the first cool weekend after the summer forced me to rest and so I did almost nothing but read and think. I was shocked how fast this year has already progressed, in the midst of all the work I hardly noticed that now summer is coming to an end.

The restrictions associated with the pandemic have not really threatened my habits so far. At the beginning of the very strict curfew, I took it more as a sign to (finally) finish all construction sites and projects one after the other, especially the restoration of a house. And I enjoyed the peace and silence in the village and how the nature that has visibly reclaimed its territory.

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Frames of reference

Summertime in Fitou is always exiting, not only because of the fantastic weather and the Mediterranean but also of all the people and friends coming over. It’s an international bunch of people, very diverse and interesting.
So many backgrounds and experiences resulting quite often in inspiring discussions about life, politics, economics, art, sports, eating, etc.

We all have our frames of reference, a certain way how we react to specific stimuli, how we see the world around us, how we define people and the self. Our construction of reality is meant to safeguard our (inner) self.
At times, we clash with other people’s frames of reference and we feel the need to change ours and thus changing our perceptions, affections and actions 😉
But sometimes, we are just happy when found a similar one because its too demanding or too dangerous for our inner stability.

Brooding about this induced me to this painting.

The Nucleus

The command center, where everything else is getting energy and power from.

The kernel of a cell which contains most of the cell’s genetic material.

The central and brightest part of a comet.

The pieces that formed the center of a collection.

The important buildings which are the center of a city.

The center of all: the Nucleus.

Vietnamese Lacquer

During my trip to Vietnam at the end of last year I visited the exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in Ho Chi Minh City.
That was somehow a weird mixture of old, classical, revolutionary painting and so called real socialism art. In the courtyard of the museum, many smaller galleries show traditional as well as modern paintings and sculptures.
And of course you can see a lot of traditional lacquer painting there, and to my surprise, even modern abstract art using lacquer.
Lacquer is a clear or black sap from the wax tree, the same way collected as rubber and with a similar smell.
I was instantly fascinated by that material and wanted to find out more about it.
That led me to the College of Fine Arts. In the hope to get some substantial information about the use of lacquer, I asked students, a teacher and the shop staff but this turned out to ended up in funny gibberish communication as nearly nobody spoke any other language than Vietnamese.
However, I bought two water plastic bottles with lacquer and a very expensive, but so beautiful Chinese red pigment.

Back home, I did some research and learned about the history of Vietnamese lacquer paintings, how it differs to those in Japan and China.
And then, I started to experiment with it and that little series was created.

After, I was more confident and dared bigger formats. I applied the lacquer in many layers of different viscosity, added different amounts of Chinese red pigment and that series of three paintings came out: Lacquer I, Lacquer II, Lacquer III.
All these paintings are exhibited at the ART Fabrik until mid of July.

It took a long time to make it. The lacquer needs to dry under certain conditions, best is heat and humidity, which was not sufficiently available during the process and therefore the drying took weeks. Sanding was needed before applying a new layer and only when a layer was dry the final colour emerged.
It was a very interesting process, it challenged my not very well developed patience a lot 😉

Painting with cement

When creating the sunny house I became curious about using cement in my paintings. I quite liked the combination of glossy oil paint and raw cement and got in my mind to create a little series using such materials. Yellow will be followed by blue and red, always adding cement to it.
So, that’s the second painting: Rough.
The challenge lies in the application of such a rough material to canvas and thus I needed to explore how to mix different sorts of cement so it does not crack when dry.

First, I applied some layers of blue oil paint, ready made and self composed, to combine it with cement. It fascinates me to see how these different materials react to and with each other, how they repel or connect, how they mix and how new structures emerge. I love the contrast of shiny and smooth surface to very rough one’s. 

Malerei & Gesang

Kunst ist, zumindest fĂŒr mich, Ausdruck von Gedanken, GefĂŒhlen und unbewußter innerpsychischer VorgĂ€nge. Sie ist, in welcher Form auch immer geĂ€ußert, ob gemalt, in Stein gemeißelt oder gesungen, das Resultat der Auseinandersetzung mit sich selbst und der Welt. Sie ist getrieben vom Wunsch, sich selbst (besser) zu erkennen, denn jeder Zuwachs an Selbsterkenntnis geht einher mit der Erweiterung des Bewußtseins und vergrĂ¶ĂŸert die persönliche Freiheit.
Jeder Mensch sucht und findet sich selbst auf ganz unterschiedliche Weise, ĂŒber Religion, Meditation, Introspektion oder eben ĂŒber bildlichen oder verbalen Ausdruck. Das schließt eine gewisse ProfessionalitĂ€t bei der Gestaltung von Werken nicht aus, aber der zugrunde liegende Einfall, die – mehr oder weniger – unbewußt getroffene Wahl der Gestaltungselemente wie beispielsweise Farben, Töne, Instrumente zeigt die “Seele” des KĂŒnstlers. Es ist ein, fĂŒr den KĂŒnstler oft waghalsiges Unterfangen, sich selbst zu zeigen und damit verwundbar zu machen. Aber es bietet eben auch die Chance, in der Begegnung mit Betrachtern und Zuhörern, sich selbst neu zu sehen.
Mit dem Produkt des KĂŒnstlers kann man in Beziehung treten und sich gleichsam damit auseinandersetzen. Man kann etwas schön finden, beruhigend, abstoßend, verstörend, anregend, …und beginnt damit sich selbst zu entdecken. Ent – decken, im Sinne von aufdecken, was im Alltag nur allzuoft verschĂŒttet wird, was wir uns nicht trauen zu zeigen, was wir glauben, wiederfinden was wir mögen, oder auch Erinnerungen, die sehr lang zurĂŒckliegen.

Die Kombination verschiedener kĂŒnstlerischer Ausdrucksformen offeriert dem Betrachter verschiedene methodische ZugĂ€nge zur Kunst und sich selbst. Und so ist die wunderbare Idee entstanden, Malerei mit Musik zu verbinden.
Ich erhielt die sehr schöne Gelegenheit, meine Bilder in einer kleinen Ausstellung im Studio stimmgewandt zu zeigen.

OpernsÀngerin Maria Kier wird zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung zu meinen Bildern singen. Damit bieten wir den Kunstinteressierten und/oder neugierigen Besuchern die Möglichkeit, sich ihren Weg der Erkenntnis selbst auszuwÀhlen: sie können schauen, hören, tanzen, mitsingen oder einfach mit anderen plaudern.

Ich freue mich auf die Ausstellung und hoffe auf viele Anregungen fĂŒr meinen Weg der Selbsterkenntnis 🙂


Siberian Iris, more precisely Iris sanguinea are one of the first flowers coming up in springtime in our garden. Actually, they are growing wild everywhere in the Garrigue and when we started re-building our garden, we found lots of them around.
That elegant, fine flower inspired me to a new painting.
Exceptionally I used a synthetic pigment (aluminum silicate), violet outremer, as I could not find a natural version. I added different binding agents such as lime, marble powder, wax and oil to get soft and more profound shades of violet on the canvas. As always, there are lots of layers and the light of the day does it magic to it, bringing the colours alive.

Spring is coming

After a long winter break, caused by too much other work, I did a new painting.

I do not really like winter especially, the cold and the snow, even if a winter wonderland certainly has its charms.
The snow covers and hides the beautiful colours of nature and when the sun is strong enough, they shimmer through.
I already smelled the spring a few weeks ago and then, when the birds were chirping every morning and the flamingos made their rounds in the sky, I knew: spring is here.
This year-by-year awakening of nature continually fills me with fascination and awe.


Between all the house restoration work, I had time to do another painting. When doing a full house restoration we really start from the bottom, removing everything what was added to the original structure of house, leaving us with bare walls, without floors and ceilings, left with the rough, basic foundation.

When we are done with our restoration work, a shiny and beautiful surface is visible and make people feel welcomed.

This is what I had in my mind when creating that new painting.
The bottom is made with concrete and the finish on top is created by several coats of lacquered oil paint in a bright, warm and sunny yellow.

Even though I need to apply some last layers, I want to give you a first impression.