Spring is coming

After a long winter break, caused by too much other work, I did a new painting.

I do not really like winter especially, the cold and the snow, even if a winter wonderland certainly has its charms.
The snow covers and hides the beautiful colours of nature and when the sun is strong enough, they shimmer through.
I already smelled the spring a few weeks ago and then, when the birds were chirping every morning and the flamingos made their rounds in the sky, I knew: spring is here.
This year-by-year awakening of nature continually fills me with fascination and awe.


Between all the house restoration work, I had time to do another painting. When doing a full house restoration we really start from the bottom, removing everything what was added to the original structure of house, leaving us with bare walls, without floors and ceilings, left with the rough, basic foundation.

When we are done with our restoration work, a shiny and beautiful surface is visible and make people feel welcomed.

This is what I had in my mind when creating that new painting.
The bottom is made with concrete and the finish on top is created by several coats of lacquered oil paint in a bright, warm and sunny yellow.

Even though I need to apply some last layers, I want to give you a first impression.

A new painting

After a long pause, caused by a water damage in my little atelier and due to lots of renovation work, I started painting again.

This time, I layered oil paints over ash and washed them away again and again to create subtle effects. It’s a play of appearing and disappearing, of strong presence and nebulous absence. Like memories, they come and go, sometimes they are very clear and sometimes you wondering if an event really happened or if it is just in your imagination.

Toute petite

After a long break, I painted a little bit again yesterday.
Well, it was more of a few exercises to try out some new materials and a different format. Everything should be very small, at max. 5 x 7 cm. And that was and still is the biggest challenge for me, because painting in such small formats I found extraordinarily difficult. So I experimented a bit with ink, silk, pastels and marble flour on paper.
Somehow that was quite exhausting for me, I felt 
very limited in my workflow by the smallness of the paintings.

I think abstract painting demands big formats and I’ll go back there in a few weeks.


Summer gets very busy in Fitou. Many cultural events are taking place, seasonal residents are coming over to spend their holidays and meet their friends, and of course, lots of parties. You could easily spend every evening at another event, sometimes it’s becoming difficult when you still need to work a bit during the day.

Anyway, we dived into the social life last week. We had a nice dinner with some friends, spent another two nights of very passionate discussions about life, jobs & politics with our old neighbour friends which we haven’t seen since 12 years!
Than there was the opening of the summer exhibition at L’Atelier in La Palme, where I am showing some of my paintings among other artists. On top of all this, we went to an unusual jazz – accordion-saxophone concert in La Chapelle de Fitou.

Now I am sitting here at the exhibition space, a bit tired, rethink about all the encounters and discussions and talk with visitors of the exhibition.
This expo is special because of the diverse objects. It is the proud presentation of the work the association members produced at their workshops during last year. Additional to that, two external artists are invited to show their work (and one of them is me :-))

The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming, people enjoy spending time together and creating something arty are keen to learn about art techniques and art itself. It is a very unpretentious approach to art.
I find it always interesting to see how people react to art, and also to notice what reactions art evokes in me.
On many works, I just pass by, some things make me recoil, others make me laugh, touches me and some things are just beautiful. Difficult to explain, it always has something to do with what lies deep inside us 😉
I got nice comments on my pictures, some visitors felt challenged to see something concrete and wanted to know if this coincides with intentions. One visitor asked me a little indignantly why I painted a pink rectangle in this beautiful structure, it would destroy the beautiful random order. That made me smile, it was exactly what I wanted to achieve with it.
I like these conversations, somehow it is also one of the wonderful things that art brings people together, although the creative process is a very lonely, very personal process, at least for me.

I need these breaks, where I can just work without many social interactions, and then I like to join the hubbub again.
Now it’s definitely time for a break, on the beach, of course 🙂

J’expose à La Palme

J’ai été invité à montrer certaines de mes peintures à l’exposition annuelle de l’association d’art L’Atelier à La Palme.
L’association a été créé en 2012 par des personnes intéressées par l’art. Ils offrent des ateliers mensuels où vous pouvez apprendre les différentes techniques artistiques, allant de la peinture Aquarelle à la céramique Raku. Ces ateliers sont donnés par des artistes bénévoles ou professionnels, pour initier ou perfectionner dans la bonne humeur et la décontraction, à diverses techniques artistiques.
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Kunst & Kommerz II

Vor zwei Wochen habe ich ja eine Lösung erhalten um einfach mit Kaufinteressenten in Kontakt zu kommen und nun sieht man auch auf der Portfolio Seite sofort, welche Bilder noch käuflich sind. Ein Bild, welches bereits verkauft ist, ist mit “Sold” markiert, wenn man mit der Maus darüber fährt.
Alle anderen Bilder sind demnach noch erhältlich, nähere Informationen über verwendete Materialien und den Preis erhält man, wenn man auf das Bild klickt.

Die technische Realisierung ist hier und hier beschrieben.

Kunst & Kommerz

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Wie vermutlich jeder Künstler, möchte ich meine Arbeiten nicht nur zeigen, sondern auch verkaufen. Das klappt ganz gut über Ausstellungen, also offline, und manchmal eben auch online. Zu Beginn meiner Künstlerkarriere hatte ich hier einen Shop (woocommerce) integriert. Das stellte sich als ein wenig überdimensioniert heraus.
Ich hab die Erfahrung gemacht, dass die meisten Menschen Kunst nur dann online kaufen, wenn sie mich entweder kennen bzw. meine Malerei schon mal gesehen haben.
Also hab ich den Shop wieder entfernt. Ich möchte natürlich dennoch sichtbar machen, dass man meine Bilder kaufen kann.
Bisher hatte ich nur einen, relativ diskreten, Hinweis auf meiner About Page dafür. Aber es braucht schon eine gewisse Zielstrebigkeit um sich bis dahin durchzuklicken;-)
Nach vielen Diskussionen mit meinem persönlichen IT Master, haben wir uns darauf geeinigt, dass unter jedem Bild, welches verkäuflich ist, nicht nur der Preis erscheint (!) sondern auch ein Kontaktformular, welches von einem Kaufinteressenten schnell ausgefüllt und versendet werden kann.
Die E-Mail, die ich dann erhalte, enthält neben dem Titel des Bildes auch den Namen und die E-Mail Adresse des Interessenten, so dass wir nun zueinander finden und die Kaufabwicklung klären können.
In einem nächsten Schritt möchte ich nun noch auf der Portfolio Page sichtbar machen, welche Bilder käuflich sind.
Aber dafür muß ich erst einen neuen Termin bei meinem Master buchen 😉

Random Order

For this painting I left a bit my usual way of mixing natural pigments with different media to create in-depth nuances of one or two colours.
Here I just used gesso and mixed it with ash and metallic silver paint. This melange resulted into something very organic, with wonderful, random structures and colours. To me, it looks like the walls of a cave, deep under the earth, with metalliferous lodes. These imperfect, coincidentally structures contrasts with the perfect shape of the pink square in the corner. Somehow, that’s just like in “real” life: there are things that we can plan, develop and create exactly how we want them to be, but many things just happen by chance.
The challenge is to balance both.