Frames of reference

Summertime in Fitou is always exiting, not only because of the fantastic weather and the Mediterranean but also of all the people and friends coming over. It’s an international bunch of people, very diverse and interesting.
So many backgrounds and experiences resulting quite often in inspiring discussions about life, politics, economics, art, sports, eating, etc.

We all have our frames of reference, a certain way how we react to specific stimuli, how we see the world around us, how we define people and the self. Our construction of reality is meant to safeguard our (inner) self.
At times, we clash with other people’s frames of reference and we feel the need to change ours and thus changing our perceptions, affections and actions 😉
But sometimes, we are just happy when found a similar one because its too demanding or too dangerous for our inner stability.

Brooding about this induced me to this painting.

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