A Roof, Russian Language and Christmas

Last week we finally started rebuilding the roof at our current house restoration project. It was a lot heavy work, with unbelievable amounts of dirt and dust, many old tiles, running up and down to carry materials. But at then end of the week, we built a new structure for the roof and covered the half of it.
The best thing: its sunny and warm and I really enjoy being on the roof and having that stunning view over Fitou.

In the evenings I did my self imposed homework for further learning Russian: writing down a few phrases about my day. Thanks to my friendly neighbour I enjoy a weekly hour Russian conversation. Well, it’s a a mix of every language I know, but slowly I am getting there 😉

And now, it’s Christmas. I would like to go for a swim in the sea (should work as it is still warm), having nice food & chocolate, watching lots of films, reading, talking, making plans, ….

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