Storage for my paintings

Space to store my paintings wasn’t a real problem as I nearly sold everything after a short while, but not all, of course 😉
Those paintings which are still with me I put back in big cartons and shuffled them around in our cave. But then, we had a water problem and it was just in the last-minute I rescued my paintings for being destroyed.
So I needed a good storage solution. The professional equipment is ridiculous expensive and more suitable for big galleries and showrooms. I wanted to have something very simple and practical, nothing to invest an enormous amount of money.
Luckily, I have an all-rounder at home. The difficulty is, that he is overloaded with work and needs also time to relax and a day has 24 hours only. But he understood my need and started thinking about a solution. He started with a drawing, something he likes to do on his iPad and bought the materials. But then, he forgot about it, even though he stumbled upon the materials nearly every day. A skill, I wish, I would have sometimes.
Some diplomacy from my side was necessary to make him thinking of it again. Finally, yesterday, was the day! He built a wonderful storage shelf and together, we put my left paintings in.
Hopefully, they won’t stay there forever. You know, Christmas is coming, just browse through my portfolio, you might find a nice present for someone you love …. 😉

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