Agile restoration

You might have noticed: we, Hagen and me are restoring an old house here in Fitou for our daughter Isabell and her husband Dick.
Isabell and Dick helped as often as possible and together we did all the planning but currently they are travelling the world.
The goal is to have to house at least to 80% ready when they are back end of March next year. That’s an ambitious goal and we, Hagen and me, are constantly “fighting” about the seriousness of this deadline, but we still love each other 🙂 We have very different approaches to time frames and how we calculate them. I am often too ambitious, Hagen is more conservative and at the end, we mostly meet us in the middle.
Nevertheless, to avoid stress, a somehow detailed planning is necessary. I have it in my head, Hagen needs a written version. The good thing on writing it down, you can remember and it helps reflecting on the working process. We did the detailed planning for the period until end of March 2019 and it might be possible to reach our goal if nothing comes across and we are in a good working flow.
But in an old house, you never know which unexpected things could happen.
Last week we finished, as planned, the structure for all floors, including the mezzanine, the big wall over four levels, thirteen meters each and already started the floor for the terrace.
The first layer of the terrace floor will be finished tomorrow. And than, we have an unforeseen break, because the ordered waterproofed foil has still not arrived at the market and we do not have a car with a trailer hitch at the moment to buy other needed materials.
But this is nothing to worry, we have a lot of other things to do which were planned for later this year. Flexible (or agile) as we are, we just adapt our plan 😉


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