Summer gets very busy in Fitou. Many cultural events are taking place, seasonal residents are coming over to spend their holidays and meet their friends, and of course, lots of parties. You could easily spend every evening at another event, sometimes it’s becoming difficult when you still need to work a bit during the day.

Anyway, we dived into the social life last week. We had a nice dinner with some friends, spent another two nights of very passionate discussions about life, jobs & politics with our old neighbour friends which we haven’t seen since 12 years!
Than there was the opening of the summer exhibition at L’Atelier in La Palme, where I am showing some of my paintings among other artists. On top of all this, we went to an unusual jazz – accordion-saxophone concert in La Chapelle de Fitou.

Now I am sitting here at the exhibition space, a bit tired, rethink about all the encounters and discussions and talk with visitors of the exhibition.
This expo is special because of the diverse objects. It is the proud presentation of the work the association members produced at their workshops during last year. Additional to that, two external artists are invited to show their work (and one of them is me :-))

The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming, people enjoy spending time together and creating something arty are keen to learn about art techniques and art itself. It is a very unpretentious approach to art.
I find it always interesting to see how people react to art, and also to notice what reactions art evokes in me.
On many works, I just pass by, some things make me recoil, others make me laugh, touches me and some things are just beautiful. Difficult to explain, it always has something to do with what lies deep inside us 😉
I got nice comments on my pictures, some visitors felt challenged to see something concrete and wanted to know if this coincides with intentions. One visitor asked me a little indignantly why I painted a pink rectangle in this beautiful structure, it would destroy the beautiful random order. That made me smile, it was exactly what I wanted to achieve with it.
I like these conversations, somehow it is also one of the wonderful things that art brings people together, although the creative process is a very lonely, very personal process, at least for me.

I need these breaks, where I can just work without many social interactions, and then I like to join the hubbub again.
Now it’s definitely time for a break, on the beach, of course 🙂

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