When I grew up, our family spent the summer holidays camping. These four weeks together in nature were always a wonderful adventure for me. One of my sisters and me slept in a little, old tent, bought by my father when he was a young adult. That tent was made of thick cotton, closed with cotton strings which had to be interwoven in a complicated way. The cotton was impregnated with a spray and when it was raining, you were not allowed to touch it, otherwise the water would seep through the inside and this was the worst case. I guess, this is unimaginable today.
Nowadays, tents are made from very sophisticated fabric, they are small and light and easy to build up.
We had one of those practical tents, but age took its toll and the bottom of it dissolved more or less. So we bought a new one as we wanted to go to Spain for a longer journey.
This was five years ago, but we never went! We never had time for vacation, there was always something more important to do.
But, we decided to change our life a bit and go on travel. This year, we start with a journey to the south of UK. If the weather is nice, we want to go camping. We checked our tent, build it up in our kitchen a few weeks ago and this weekend, we had a wonderful opportunity to test it under real circumstances in the Pyrenees. We had it all: strong wind, thunder, rain and sun.
It was so romantic 😉

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