Art Lover Ground Event Barcelona

Yesterday evening, the Art Lover Ground event took place in Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to show some of my paintings.
When I arrived in Barcelona, some of the artists had already installed their art, others were desperately figuring out the right presentation. The event staff, especially Karina, was very supportive and helpful for getting all the art right and ready before the official opening.
I had no real idea what will happen during the event, thought of it as a great chance to get feedback for my paintings and make contacts. And that’s exactly what the organizers want to achieve, giving emerging artists a platform. It was amazing, about 200 – 250 500! people (they had to pay for their entry!) visited the place to see art and art performances and to get in contact with artists.
I was really overwhelmed about the sheer mass of people. It was interesting to watch people viewing my paintings, staying away a bit to get their “raw” reactions. I had some very nice conversations about my paintings. It ranged from “You are an established artist, aren’t you?” to “This painting triggers me emotionally.”
Also, it was inspirational for me to see young, fresh art and talk with its creators.
I went home very tired but happy 🙂

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