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Exhibiting at Art Lover Ground Barcelona next week

Next Saturday, I am attending the Art Lover Ground in Barcelona,  an international event where young, emerging artists show their art and build up their network with art lovers.
I am not that young in age anymore but young as an artist and very excited about showing some of my paintings at the event.
25 artists share the space and thus, place is very limited for everyone.
I have a wall of roughly 1.5m width x 3m height to my disposal. This is a bit challenging. First, I chose those paintings, which, according to my personal opinion, are my best. I was struggling with the space and the way of hanging the paintings. Usually, you hang paintings where the centre is in 1.60 m height, so that the viewer can look at it comfortably. But in this case it’s difficult, because I want to show as many paintings as possible. I had a hanging plan in my mind but was not sure if that will work well. It’s important to check how the paintings appeal when they are not positioned in the perfect height.
Finally, Isabell went through everything with me, changed a bit the selection of paintings and made a paper hanging plan. Last night, Hagen and me looked at it again and did some minor changes and now I know which paintings I’ll take with me and how to hang them.
I only have to finish some of the smaller paintings.

So if you are in Barcelona next Saturday, come and join the event. It starts at 7pm untill 11 pm at Arteria BCN, Carrer del Bruc, 147, 08037 Barcelona, Spain.


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