Die glückliche Befreiung einer Treppe

Seit Januar arbeiten wir an der Renovierung einer alten Treppe, genauer gesagt an der Umgestaltung des Eingangsbereichs eines Hauses. Ein paar Stufen dieser Treppe waren ziemlich kaputt und vom Vorbesitzer aus diesem Grund mit Beton übergossen worden. Das sah echt nicht schön aus und als ich eben diese Stufen repariert hatte, fiel mir auf, dass die Seiten der Treppe ziemlich bröslig waren. Solche alten Treppen sind hier in der Gegend meistens aus Gips und Feldsteinen gebaut worden. Belegt wurden die Trittstufen entweder mit Terrakottafliesen oder Naturstein. Beides tritt sich über die Zeit ab bzw. geht kaputt und deshalb wurden diese alten Treppen bei einer Modernisierung entweder herausgerissen oder irgendwie, selten schön, repariert. Continue reading “Die glückliche Befreiung einer Treppe”

Learning Russian

Learning Russian in one week

Last week I went to school for learning Russian. I had several attempts to learn the language and this time, finally, the school found a native Russian speaker. So I freed myself for a week to start learning this language. I better need to say re-learning it, because I learned it more than 40 years ago at school. When I started learning French, quite often Russian words came into my mind. A funny thing how memory works 😉
I booked a 30 hours intensive, one-to-one course, 3 hours with the teacher each morning (without any break!), another three hours online work and after that, there was some homework to do.
After three days, I woke up at night, conjugating Russian verbs.

я читаю, ты читаежь, он / она читает, мы читаем,…

I have to admit, that I am very happy the school could not provide the online course on time so that I only had the morning lessons. It was hard, really demanding (the instructions were given in French!) and just before noon I spoke by mixing every language I am capable of.
Aft the end of this week I recall the basic grammar and many more vocables which were deeply hidden in my brain 😉
There is still a long way to go but with the help of some friends and my very patient teacher Irina, I’ll master it.

Art Lover Ground Event Barcelona

Yesterday evening, the Art Lover Ground event took place in Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to show some of my paintings.
When I arrived in Barcelona, some of the artists had already installed their art, others were desperately figuring out the right presentation. The event staff, especially Karina, was very supportive and helpful for getting all the art right and ready before the official opening.
I had no real idea what will happen during the event, thought of it as a great chance to get feedback for my paintings and make contacts. And that’s exactly what the organizers want to achieve, giving emerging artists a platform. It was amazing, about 200 – 250 500! people (they had to pay for their entry!) visited the place to see art and art performances and to get in contact with artists.
I was really overwhelmed about the sheer mass of people. It was interesting to watch people viewing my paintings, staying away a bit to get their “raw” reactions. I had some very nice conversations about my paintings. It ranged from “You are an established artist, aren’t you?” to “This painting triggers me emotionally.”
Also, it was inspirational for me to see young, fresh art and talk with its creators.
I went home very tired but happy 🙂

Hanging Plan

Exhibiting at Art Lover Ground Barcelona next week

Next Saturday, I am attending the Art Lover Ground in Barcelona,  an international event where young, emerging artists show their art and build up their network with art lovers.
I am not that young in age anymore but young as an artist and very excited about showing some of my paintings at the event.
25 artists share the space and thus, place is very limited for everyone. Continue reading “Exhibiting at Art Lover Ground Barcelona next week”