White, the sum of all colours

I have experimented with lots of colours and intuitively, I limited myself to shades of maximal two colours in one painting.
In my last paintings I even only used nuances of one colour. This reduction arises from my desire to recognize the essentials, to clear out all the buzz until the core of a thing is visible to me.
It’s a difficult thing with colors, they are for me as complex as emotions and thus a constant challenge to make the essential visible by applying many layers of paint, quite the contrary to analysing something.

Now using white.
For me, white is the complete reduction, the “Enough”. White has as many shades as “right” colors, it can be greyish, cold bluish, yellowish or even perfectly white.
But what is really perfect? Some things, memories or events always intervene, remind us of all the unresolved conflicts of our so perfect world.

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