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Time for a change

It seems that we have a ten years rhythm for big changes.
We founded our consulting company in 1997 in Germany and its been ten years we established cocoate in France.

When we started, the internet was still something for freaks or very early adopters and not at all mainstream.
Explaining the web and its possibilities to companies and organisations was one of our major business field in the late 90ies. Very soon, we set up training programs for IT based topics and delivered them in German-speaking countries. Hagen wrote 28 books, edited a few more, recorded video trainings, mainly about open source content management systems but also about other software applications.
There was a time when Facebook, Twitter and Instagram did not exist and we developed a kind of similar online networks for different use cases and clients.
E-Learning was another hype at the end of the 90ies, beginning 2000 and thus we got involved in it. We consulted about the integration of e-learning into business processes and that activity opened the doors to the European program for adult education. As a result, we created, managed, evaluated and monitored 13 projects for developing adult education in Europe.
We built up a huge repository of skills and knowledge, having experienced very different business settings in organisations throughout the world.

And now its time for a change again. In March, we closed our company here in France and relocated cocoate in Switzerland. We want to be closer to our main clients and also reduce our average tax wedge (which is one of the highest in France among the OECD countries) to be able to save most of our earnings for our retirement.
This administrative change does not influence our work. We still love to do strategic business consulting and coaching, despite having discovered our love for restoring old houses and art 😉

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