Fired Earth

While preparing the opening of the ART Fabrik I was also working on two new paintings.
One, a bluish-green combination of different shades of green and blue pigments to create a light, sunny feeling when looking at it. I got inspired by the colours I see when wake up every morning and watch the sky where it meets some almond trees. Unfortunately, I could not take a very good picture of it as it was sold immediately after the opening of our ART Fabrik. The pic above shows it.
The second painting I was working on in parallel resulted in something completely different. By using earthy pigments like burned sienna, umber, yellow and red ochres the effect is more heavy, warm and compact, at least to me đŸ˜‰ I thought of a sunny late summer, early autumn day, coming home after walking in the woods or doing some garden work and finally sit down in front of the fireplace, having a hot chocolate….


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