Perfect Blue

I was searching for a long time for the perfect blue, played around with different pigments, lost my track a bit through the dead of my mother and finally felt that I need another colour in this painting.
My perfect blue has got a dash of green, a green I created by adding some terre jaune italienne to the Lapis Lazuli blue.
Blue stands for the ratio, the cool analytical part of a person. Do you remember?
Having some green in the blue was not really a conscious decision, it just came into my mind after all these sad weeks. These weeks also had a good side: I spent time with my wider family, socialized, did not rush, slowed down instead.
Thinking of C.G. Jung’s allocation of temperaments to colours, I really welcomed some “green people” attitudes for helping me through these difficult weeks.
“Green people” are very social, focus more on relationships than on solving problems. They love to discuss things thoroughly but hate to be pushed to decisions. It could be that they never decide anything at all and therefore, blue or red people are needed ;-).
I am more a purple person and thus sometimes it was a bit challenging for me, but I am happy to have such great a family!

The painting has been finished with savon noir and linseed oil, bringing the colours alive.

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