Too much to think about and no peace getting around

This blog entry would not have been written without the encouragement of Manfred Gosch and David Wampamba. I am a member of the ironblogger group ibcoco and thus dedicated to blog once week.
However, the last weeks had a lot of challenges and I had not time really to think thoroughly what happened in my life. I am a person who prefers to think before talking and writing 😉

But, as written above, the two ironbloggers told me that they want to read what’s going on in my head.
So, here are my thoughts :

  • My mother died unexpectedly four weeks ago and last week was the funeral. I was really overwhelmed how many family members attended. It was nice family gathering, even for a very sad occasion. I am still thinking about my family, how we all developed and chosen our way of life.
  • My mother wrote a diary. We found it after her dead and still could not read them all. I am struggling with parts of her memories and ask myself how much confidence one needs to share everything within the family. I am lucky to have two, three people around I can be open to.
  • I am thinking about a relation to one of our daughters and having difficulties to cope with the current situation.
  • We are going to change the legal status of cocoate and I need to prepare all this.
  • I am thinking about an approach for a business coaching, have several ideas but am not sure yet.
  • I want to further work in our garden, it’s so satisfying, but I need to find some time for it. No real solution yet 🙁
  • We promised to help a friend building a terrace, actually two terraces. I was eager to use modern materials but as it is an old house, it might be better to do it in the traditional way. I think about the working steps and hope that there wont be bad surprises (as it could happen always in  an old house ).
  • I am looking forward to restore another house, together with Isabell and Dick. So far, we are in the disgusting phase: emptying the house – really very disgusting!
  • We still want to sell our house because we want to travel and enjoy life by reducing working for money 😉 A lot of people were interested in but the concept of buying a house as an investment is still very uncommon in France. Thus, we further  need to work for money and can’t travel half a year.
  • I also think a lot of the current political situation in France, with Le Front National as one leading party in the polls. I grew up in a dictatorship and I don’t want to live under it again.
  • And, I am searching for the perfect blue. Since weeks! I am doing a new abstract painting but it doesn’t flow!!! Too much things in my head. I am not at all relaxed.




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