The Signature of my Art

Signing my paintings is always the last part of my work, when signed, the painting is ready. To me, it’s the sign of completion, like an approval of the result of a creative process.

I have talked to artists and did a little research, and I also always paid attention to the signatures in galleries and museums. The approaches are very different, ranging from a simple signature to the number of the work, date and name of the object, partly indicated on the back of the work.
So far I always signed my pictures with the initials of my first name and my complete last name. After a visit to the Toulouse – Lautrec Museum, I came up with the idea of using a signature stamp.
I’m not a really good graphic designer, but I found a true specialist in Karina Gratze. She picked up my ideas and designed a signature that I will also use as a logo. This signature is clear and easy to read and helps to identify my paintings. Who knows, may be one day I’ll be famous 😉 ?
The signature contains my initials, enclosed in a fine circle, since it will be a signature stamp. Additional to that, a card with the title, date and a short description of the painting is fixed on the back side.
By the way, Karina is also an artist, with a focus on illustration and graphic design. Visit her website to get an impression about her work:

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