Turquoise - detail
Turquoise – detail

Blue again, in all its shades, as the light let it seem and the wind stirs it up.
In this painting, deep blue and green, with dashes of turquoise.

If you have ever seen the different seas of this world, you know what I mean 😉
Turquoise, a transition from blue to green, is perceived either as crystal clear or as icy cold.
In any case, this color dissociates, it stands for independence, self-reliance and idealism. Just like the sea, it has burbled for millions of years, even though we human beings are increasingly harming it with our so-called civilisation.
here where I live, I see the sea almost every day.
sea_03 Now, the main holiday season is over again, the sea starts to recover. It almost always begins with a strong wind or storm, which seems to sweep away everything that does not belong to the sea and to the beach, as if the sea is angry at what it had to endure.
When the wind calmed down, everything looks very flashy and almost virgin (except for the garbage that has been flushed to the beach after such a storm).sea_01And then the sea appears to me so powerful, independent and self-reliant, as it is attributed to the color turquoise.


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