Our summer in the ARTFabrik


We still have summer temperatures, but the holiday season is over. In Fitou things get quieter again, now only insiders spend their holidays here, people who value peace and the good location between sea and mountains.
The ARTFabrik adapts to the season and is open until the end of October, only Friday to Sunday from 18:00 to 20:00.

opening hours at ARTFabrik
opening hours at ARTFabrik

Our experiment with the ARTFabrik was quite successful, we had many visitors, received good feedback for our exhibition and also sold some of our art.
Of course, we would have liked more of everything: more visitors, more sales, but for a spontaneously created art gallery the start was not bad!
We got many requests from artists, wishing to exhibit with us and now we have to think about whether and, if so, how we want to move on.
In any case, we need more publicity and thus a good plan when, how and whom we want to address. In addition, we have to network more,  to cooperate with other artists, galleries, art associations and share ideas and resources.
Just these two points require a lot of time and efforts, and as already written, we – the organizers must discuss how we can and want to integrate these tasks in our everyday life
We are very receptive for suggestions and support 😉


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