bathroom above commode

Should the room fit to the art or the art fit to the room?

As an artist, I prefer that everyone buy the art they love, and thus they will find a place for it in their home. Selecting and placing art is an art in itself.
It might be difficult to find the right place in your home, fitting to your style. In such a case it could be helpful to hang it in different places, maybe re-arrange some furniture, re-paint a wall, improve lightning, all these changes will be worth to enjoy the art you love.
Abstract art could also be helpful to create a colour palette for your room by repeating one or two main colours of the painting in your home accessories. The same applies for lines and forms in abstract paintings.


I hung my painting Gold in different rooms, with different coloured walls. Just have a look and decide yourself the setting you would prefer.

In a bathroom


bathroom above bathtub

In a kitchen


In a living room


Many people believe abstract art is just suitable for modern homes, but it can also complement nicely a more traditional setting. It can really refresh your home and modernize it a bit. Abstract art bridges between traditional and modern styles as you can easily pair up antique furniture with modern design pieces.

So if you do it the other way round, doing your home/room first, you might choose art which just complements your decoration. Quite often, the colors in an abstract painting can partly be found in the rest of the room by reuniting all the colors around.  Sometimes, an abstract painting is the focal point in a room. However, rooms overcrowded with textures, materials and colours make you feel overwhelmed and take the focus away from your art.

The pictures above were taken in an old village house which is sparsely furnished with antique and modern pieces. Modern art fits very well into it 😉







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