Dealing with each other seems to be difficult

A few days ago, I parked my car and forgot to close the door, let it wide open. A neighbour, which whom we don’t have any contact (that is a long story of intercultural clashes), told another neighbour to let me know.
Even though he did not spoke directly to me, he behaved in a civilized manner. I found it normal, did not thought about it further.
Yesterday, we noticed a big scratch on our car and a few weeks ago, a screw in a tyre of our other car. It’s the second time in a short period that we got a damaged tyre with a screw in it. What a strange coincidence! My feelings about that got even worse when discovered the scratch on our car as we got the same a few years ago after having been in a discussion about the behavior of a neighbour which has not only disturbed us but also many other residents.
The case was more or less solved by the municipality, but it changed the way we deal with that neighbour (see above).

The damages at our cars let me think about the characteristics off a civilized behaviour: being able to act reflective and respectful towards others, to settle differences in a nonviolent way.
Big words. Seems not always working well, looking at big politics and at our small village.

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