Charred Wood

Structures and Surfaces

So far, I intensively worked with colours, their production and application, and I learned a lot about the interaction of various binders, and produced some really cool effects 🙂
For example, I got the idea for my paintings After the Fire and Ashes when cleaning the fireplace after a nice and cosy evening in front of it. The picture above is a montage created from a detail of my painting After the Fire and charred wood.
The surface of these paintings is relatively flat, it gets depth through the application of different thick layers of colour and raw pigments.

Now I would like to work more plastically and for this reason I want to learn more about surfaces and structures in abstract painting.
It seems to be a vast field of experimentation! I watched countless tutorials on YouTube and it’s partly very adventurous what some artists create;-)
I would like to focus on using natural materials, f.e. on marble powder, sand, wood chips, ashes, plants and what I find along my way.
Right now I am collecting ideas and immerse myself in my Painter’s Handbook to learn more about the interaction between supports and applied materials.

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