ART Fabrik

What does Art do with us?

The Art Fabrik opened first of July, and it has been an interesting and friendly experience so far. Surprisingly many people from the village came to the opening, surprising because most Fitounais’ are usually quite reluctant embracing something new..
The reactions were all very positive. Some visitors were the first time at an art opening and bit shy at the beginning, but that changed quickly. It was nice to see how the people were in contact with each other and with the art.
Of course, when looking at my paintings  the question “What does that mean?” popped up. I then replied with a smile ”What do you see ?” It had something like an art lesson at school analyzing a picture, but that changed quickly when the viewer sunk into the picture and hung on it’s own thoughts. It was interesting what they saw in the paintings and amazing what they revealed of themselves.
Art is the mirror of the soul. Art has a symbolism that we try to understand, we try to find words to describe it. Art is a purely personal experience, and one can never fully explain art, because depending on momentary moods and feelings we change our perspective and find other words describing it, we create a new interpretation of the artwork and we are intensifying our self-perception.

The ART Fabrik brings people together, not only to look at art and talking about it, but also to talk to each other.

We are proud of it!

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