Blue and a fine green line

After Red, I made Blue and a fine green line.

Here again, I used different shades of one colour: grated Lapislazuli, which gives the ultramarine, indigo and Bleu Ercolano, a synthetic pigment.
Applied in layers with different binders, it creates wonderful colour effects such as the fine green line.

As described in one of my earlier posts, the color blue as said to have a calming effect, but it stands also for people who are cool analyst, for people, who are living their life after strong principles and facts. “Blue people” tend to think and analyze before they decide and could be that they never do anything as the need to understand all facts is more important than doing something. Such people are introvert, but good planners, strategists and often academics.
They get along well with “red people”.
I learned about color psychology and of course, had to test myself. Without knowing anything about the theory at the beginning, I chose instinctive my place between red and blue, but worked later in the red group as the blue group was discussing too much 🙂
Probably, I am red-violet 🙂


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