My First Exhibition

A few days ago, I had the chance to show my paintings to a wider audience.
I am a transactional analyst, counselling people to improve their personal and professional development. To further develop my professional skills in that field, I need to attend yearly workshops and seminars, given at national and international conferences by my analyst colleagues.

This year, the German transactional analysis conference took place in Hamburg and the organizers asked for artists to show their works. I applied, got accepted and thus had the opportunity to exhibit during that conference.
When I saw the list of the other exhibitors, the shock of sheer respect went through my body: my co-exhibitors were professional artists, art therapists and art educators, all somehow experts in art. Even though I saw it as a great chance to show my paintings to the more than 600 participants of that conference, I was suddenly no longer sure I should exhibit. But I dared, with success 🙂

I sold my Sad Memories to somebody who immediately got attached to the image (and did know nothing about my thought when painting it). My sad memories turned into something more delightful. It brings light and good feelings, and it has interesting structures to discover.
Few days later, I sold Deep Blue and Latvia. Both buyers said they love to dive into the colours and dream about the ocean and the forest.

I am very happy having got so much positive feedback and such recognition.



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