Lapis, Ultramarine & Indigo

Deep Blue

I was not melancholic when I made this painting. I love the colour blue. When I was in Marrakesh last year, I was searching for the Moroccan blue and came back home with some Indigo and a piece of Lapizlazuli to grind my own ultramarine.
In that painting, I experimented with it, raw and dissolved in different oils and acrylic. There are about 15 layers of blue. I thought of the sky, the sea, the night and what else is connected to it for me: dreams, wanderlust and profundity.

Blue stands, in different cultures, for different things: for loyalty, coldness, quality, anger, fear, care, romance, truth, peace, trust, prudence. It’s the colour of kings in France 😉
Some people are associating numbers with it (1 for a “normal” blue, 4 for a dark blue), and it is also the colour of melancholia.

Psychologists say, blue is a colour to calm you down, releasing stress, for good sleep and dreams.

It is my preferred colour for bathrooms as it is fresh and emanates purity.
Dream away with Deep Blue.

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