Time to change something

We are permanently changing something, adapt ourselves to external and internal conditions but from time to time, changes are more visible to our audience.

cocoate.com was started in February 2007 as the successor of a German consultancy, established in 1997. The main fields of our activities were quite the same, our project activities, cooperation and the geographical area changed with our move to France.

We continued with adult education projects on a European level, software trainings, management and organizational consulting, but I reduced very much my coaching activities. That was attributable to the distance to Germany, even though I tried some online coaching sessions, it’s not the same. We increased our other activities and found ourselves very soon under the same time pressure as we have been in Germany. There was/is never enough time to realize all our ideas 😉The infographic summarizes the main achievements of our seven years period.

infographic cocoate

Now, the time has come to re-think our activities and decide how much time we want to spend on it.

cocoate website

We try to find some time to re-design it, keeping the publication section and the project list as there are some good materials available to inspire you 😉

However, very soon we will close our blog. As written above, we need to re-schedule our available time resources and writing regularly is one of the things we decided to skip.

Hagen started writing about web server infrastructure at NOVATREND, follow him there.

European projects for adult education

We will finish our current projects during the next year and won’t develop new one’s. We started working in that area in 2004 and it has been an amazing experience! We learned so much about education methodologies, got to know many regions in Europe we never heard before and we made a lot of friends.

These projects also affected our “normal” business and we really changed our training and consultancy methods.

The fight for improving formal, non-formal and informal education methods seems to be endless and we got a bit tired of that.


We are still working in that field and we still love it. It’s very motivational for us to consult about IT infrastructure, e-commerce solutions and the development of communication strategies. The size and status of the client doesn’t matter, every client gets his specific advice and guidance.

Our work also contains prototyping and of course, building websites.


We won’t miss that as we always learn a lot from our participants.

For sure, we will continue with in-house trainings, tailored according to the needs of the client. There will be a day when we create again our own trainings as we did many times before for bringing open source software closer to the mind of people.

New stuff

You might have noticed that we love to restore old houses. This covers a lot of our time but we really enjoy transforming old, often abandoned houses into livable beauties. We got encouraged by the feedback of people who are following our restoration work and decided to give that activity more space in our life. Of course, there will be a website where we write about it.

We hope we can still inspire you with things we make 😉


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