What happened during the last two weeks?

It’s really a stressful time for us as we need to work a bit for real money in our company , organize our household (yes, it’s necessary to clean the house from time to time, wash clothes, buy some food stuff) and do this restoration work. There is not much time left to write in detail about our activities, therefore, just a short summary of what we did in last two weeks:

We went public Today we went public :)and we

  • ... another floortook out 75% of the floor in the first level (7 trailers of debris!)
  • placed four new beams there
  • cleaned four old beams
  • removed the old plaster from the facade at Grand rue
  • built a cage for the staircase from level two to level three and finished the floor at third level
  • started restoring the first old interior door (it’s going to be beautiful!).

Tomorrow we will finish the sub floor at first level and remove the rest of the old floor. At the end of next week we would like to have the floor on that level ready.

Let’s see if we can keep our schedule.




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