A new beginning

So, the house is empty now.
All the stuff which was inside we brought to the waste disposal sites, all the little walls are removed and now, we can see clearly damages on the beams, roof and the outer walls, can make plan how to continue.

Balkenkopf (timber beam head?)We have to renew the roof, this we knew from the beginning. Also, this we discovered while emptying the house, some of the beams under the roof are damaged by water infiltration exactly there, were they lie in the outer walls. To exchange them is not only a lot of work but also very difficult to realize as they are about 7 meters long, heavy and need to bring up 12 meters! As they are not damaged by termites, it might be possible to keep them. After searching the web we found two solutions:

  1. blaze repair plates
  2. replacement of the rotten parts with resin

An architect confirmed that any repair might be better than replacing a beam. It might be impossible to find old beams from the same wood, in particular in this length. When using new wood, we might risk future problems as the wood is probably dried chemically and will move during the next years until finally settled.
Let’s see what the specialists recommend us when visiting the house.

Despite of this, we need a scaffolding. We’ll probably buy one as renting costs about 100 € per day. It seems to be possible to get one in our size for about 2000 €. Finally, we have to redo 4 facades and buying might be the economic solution.

Information were to find a scaffold are very welcome!




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