European gardening

Apple treesFew weeks ago, we started a new European learning partnership project about gardening, with institutions from Italy, Wales, Latvia, Greece, Germany, Portugal.

The partners combine a mix of very different competencies, as these are private consulting companies, non-profit organizations, adult education providers, vocational training centers, a second chance school.

All have in common that they are situated in rural areas.

It’s visible for everyone, rural areas have been through a dramatic transformation in recent decades, leaving significant numbers of people on the margins of mainstream society. In response to such difficulties, partners in this project have explored alternative strategies for local/regional development which include learning as the drive wheel of transformation.The garden-future project is inspired by the ideas of permaculture, urban farming & guerrilla gardening. These focus on an organic approach to ecology, landscape, gardening & architecture by creating a more sustainable way of living. Through gardening we will encourage re-thinking the use of public space, foster civic participation and local revitalization.

Gardening, is a harmless and very social topic to easy get in contact with people from own and other countries. Participants will have the possibility to travel to partners’ places, discover private and public gardens, share and gain gardening knowledge, it will, above all, broaden their personal horizon.

We will travel to Corfu, Tolmezzo, Freiburg, Lisbon and Betws-y Coed.

For the next weeks we are going to present the idea of the project, forming a group of people, willing to come together and start gardening. We aim to work with garden specialists, botanical centers, young and old people, with all, who joining the love for gardening. It can be a lot of fun taking part in this project.

If you are interested in, contact us.


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