The first year of the places2b project

La FalaiseAs the first year of the places2b project ends in few weeks, it’s time to summarize a bit what we have done and achieved so far.

We at aimed to start building a network of local actors and association as the basis for a common development of our village. The first talks with the biggest association in Fitou, VHV, were promising but when it came to binding actions, they quit. So we started from the scratch, distributed project information in the village, made some public presentations and we got an amazing group of people who are enjoying to explore and share and start such a community process in our village.A bit later on, we convinced our municipality to support this project, and yes, we hope they will do it more actively in the second year 😉
Coming from this point, I think it’s really great what we achieved so far!
We already had three roundtables with the participation of our local authorities, the regional newspaper writes regularly about the project, five Fitounaise took the chance to attend project meetings abroad, we re-discovered very beautiful places2b and still have a long list of places to describe.

And now we are going to prepare a big village event for the end of this year to bring together all the inhabitants of Fitou for a public discussion about tourism and European connections.


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