The future of tourism

Last week, I attended a workshop about The Future of Tourism: Tomorrow’s Tourist Today, held in Llandudno Junction, Wales.

It was a great opportunity to “spy” how the Welsh are approaching the topic and the inherent challenges as we are already started a project about the development of sustainable tourism in our region. About 45 representatives from local associations, municipalities and entrepreneurs discussed and developed in a very constructive way ideas for the development of tourism in Wales. There was enough room for brainstorming, free spinning of ideas, drawing wishes but also for the serious drafting of those ideas which a majority wishes to make real.

What impressed me was the self-conception of the players that only their unite actions leads to success. No envy-discussions, no hiding behind administrative or other barriers, just open minds.

I felt very inspired and on top, I got the tourism poker game, a tool, which I would love to use to moderate the round table discussions in our project here in Fitou.

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