Challenging work

We already started the work at the places2b project, locally and inside the partnership and I have to state that this work is really challenging for different reasons. We aim to bring together local authorities and local people to discuss the development of tourism and to create a regional tourist guide, containing unique places of the region. Sounds good, nearly everyone likes this idea, even the local authorities. So they’re saying. But when it comes to step up, they have many reasons not to show up. I know, that this is a long haul and we have to be really optimistic.

The partnership itself seems to have some difficulties, resulting from the different understandings of the general project framework and for political reasons. Strong hierarchical structures in a partner’s institution does not admit any creative action and it seems to be not thinkable for them to work with ordinary local people. And then there is an underlying cultural conflict, to follow group decisions when the group consists of women only. A hidden power struggle is ongoing, that is just tedious and absurd. O.k., it seems to be an intercultural conflict and everybody needs to be willing to compromise to find a common place. Right, it’s a good word, the reality is sometimes different.

But I still love the idea of this project and I am dying to start the work with the local people.

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