Due to fast globalization and the possibility to get to every place in the world in less time, people want to have authentic and individualized experiences while spending their spare time. The preservation and promotion of their landscape and culture for developing sustainable touristic structures will be important for European regions and its embedded local areas. That can also be a chance for supporting the diversification of regional economies.

European institutions from France, Italy, Wales, Turkey and Greece are partners in that two years project. They all have in common that they are situated in rural regions with growing tourism. from France coordinates all activities.

The project has two main objectives:

  1. It will be a start of a participatory process between local stakeholders, decision makers and local people about the development of sustainable touristic structures.
    We want to share experiences, find similarities and develop new approaches by establishing regular discussion roundtables in each partners region.
    Thus, the project offers the possibility to take part at meetings in each partner’s country.
  2. We are going to write a local/regional touristic guide.
    We will pick out locations of character, those with personal connections and let people tell why they are special, unique and important for them and address why people should visit these places. We will consider the fact, that most of those places are threatened.
    Preserving such places for future generations can stimulate and enrich people to preserve their local identity and develop new business approaches.
    An active participation of the mayor, local representatives and local people are very welcome!

Needless to say, that we are coordinating this project also using Open Atrium 😉

All in all, I am so enthusiastic and happy to do that projects for the next two years.

Let’s see, how it works!

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