All is linked together in the web – How to communicate, manage and learn

Join us in Fitou from April 4th – 8th 2011 by taking part in the course “All is linked together in the web – How to communicate, manage and learn“.  We’ll bring together teachers, trainers, managers and non-educational staff from around Europe to share experiences, try new tools and learn new methods.
The course is listed under reference number FR-2010-318-001 in the Comenius-Grundtvig Training Database

Here’s a glimpse of what we have planned:

  • The interactive workshop gives the big picture and an understanding of links, relationships and backgrounds of the Internet, web-based applications and their implementation.
  • We clarify basic vocabulary used in relation to the World Wide Web and not necessarily focus on specific software or web applications, to not train you in the use of specific ones, but rather to open your minds by offering alternatives for different working situations in project management and teaching routines.
  • You will categorise and assign selected web applications to European project management tasks, which is then publish on the workshop website. This could inspire others and lead to a reference work. You will discover solutions that can help you to execute tasks in a more effective and efficient way.
  • The teaching environment is dynamic and agile. We explain theoretical foundations and give examples; but it is up to you to choose and, with our help, set up desired applications, you wish to work with on a daily basis.

Visit the European Course Database for more information, and apply now.
Deadline for submitting funding application to your national agency is 15th September 2010.
Looking forward to welcome you in Fitou!

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